Team Online Challenge Workouts
Each year WZA seeks to provide a competitive, fun, & memorable experience to athletes, which begins with the workouts.
From the Online Challenge to the Miami event, find all previous and current workouts below.
Team Challenge, WOD 1, 2, 3 - The Trinity

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On a 15:00 running clock, all athletes must individually, complete the following:

WOD 1 is scored as team sum of each athlete’s unbroken ring muscle-ups
WOD 2 is scored as team sum of each athlete’s time on 1000m Row
WOD 3 is scored as team sum of each athlete’s 1RM Snatch

*If one athlete decides to scale, the entire team must perform & enter their score as scaled.

Elite & Rx Teams

WOD 1 - 0:00 to 2:00 - One set of max unbroken ring muscle-ups
WOD 2 - 2:00 to 15:00 - 1000m Row Time Trial
WOD 3 - With remaining time, find a 1RM Snatch, any style

Intermediate & Scaled Teams

WOD 1 - 0:00 to 2:00 - One set of max unbroken ring muscle-ups

WOD 2 - 2:00 to 15:00 - 1000m Row Time Trial
WOD 3 - With remaining time, find a 1RM Snatch, any style


Scaled option: WOD 1 - One set of max unbroken pull-ups
*If an athlete scales, the whole team must scale for WOD 1 only.


Equipment: Pull-up bar or rings | Concept 2 Rower | Barbell, plates, & clips


Each athlete will individually complete workouts 1, 2, & 3 on a single 15:00 running clock.

The workout will begin with a 15-min clock. On the call of 3, 2, 1, go, the athlete will start with WOD 1, a single unbroken set of muscle-ups or pull-ups. Once the athlete releases their hands from the rings or pull-up bar, or touches the ground, their workout is over.

The athlete will then rest until the 2 minute mark, and then begin WOD 2, the 1000m row time trial. At the conclusion of the WOD 2 row, the athlete will begin WOD 3, which is attempting to find a 1 rep-max snatch, any style. At the 15:00 WOD 3 concludes.

The sum of the three athlete’s scores on each WOD will be the team’s score.

(ie. WOD 1 - Athlete 1- 12 muscle-ups, Athlete 2- 8 muscle-ups, Athlete 3- 20 muscle-ups = WOD 1 score of 40 muscle-ups)

Detailed Movement Standards

Ring Muscle-ups or Pull-ups

WOD 1 begins with the athlete beneath the designated set of rings or pull-up bar. At the start of the clock, the athlete will begin their single attempt of a set of max reps.

The Elite/Rx division is prescribed ring muscle-ups. They involve the athlete starting at a dead hang beneath the rings, and pulling themselves up and over the rings, finishing each rep with elbows locked-out in a completed dip position. To complete multiple reps, the athlete must return to the hang position below the rings, changing direction at the bottom before attempting another rep. The athlete may not allow their heels to rise above the rings at any point, nor use any style other than a traditional muscle-up. Any type of up-rise or any other uncommon movements will result in a no-rep. The athlete may rest anywhere on the rings: hanging, in the top or bottom of the dip position.

For those teams performing the workout scaled will perform pull-ups, the athlete must start from a complete hang from the rig, and finish with the chin above the horizontal plane set by the pull-up bar. The athlete may rest at the bottom of the pull-up.

Once the athlete touches their pull-up bar or rings, their set has begun. From that moment they may not come down or make contact with the floor from the rings or pull-up bar, or their set is over. If an athlete gets a “no-rep” mid-set, they may continue, just leaving that repetition uncounted. At the conclusion of their set, their portion of WOD 1 is complete. They may then rest before the start of WOD 2.

1000m Row

WOD 2 begins precisely at the 2:00 mark. The athlete may begin seated and strapped into the rower, with hands off of the handles. At exactly the 2 minute mark the athlete may begin the row. They will row, starting at 0 meters, and record the time on the clock at the conclusion of the row.

Your portion of the row is the time on clock at the conclusion of the row, minus the 2:00 from the start.

1RM Snatch

Whenever the athlete finishes the 1000m Row, WOD 3 begins. The athlete will start with an empty barbell, and work up in weight to find their 1RM. Any style of snatch is acceptable, including a power, squat, or split snatch.  Please note, however, it must be completed starting from the floor, and in one swift motion, arrive overhead. Barbells taken from the ground, to the hang, then overhead will not be accepted. The rep is successful when the athlete stands to full hip and knee extension, with the barbell overhead over the athlete’s center of mass and feet together.

The athlete is allowed to make as many attempts as possible until the 15 minute mark, with the largest successful lift counting towards their score.

Scoring Overview

Once all athletes have each completed the workouts, their scores for each will be added together. See below an example for each:


Athlete 1: 20 Muscle-ups | Athlete 2: 18 Muscle-ups | Athlete 3: 12 Muscle-ups = WOD 1 score of, 50 Muscle-ups


Athlete 1: 3:43 | Athlete 2: 4:01 | Athlete 3: 3:30 = WOD 2 score of, 11:14


Athlete 1: 165lb | Athlete 2: 135lb | Athlete 3: 115lb = WOD 3 score of, 415lb


At the conclusion of the Challenge, Team WZA has the right to request ask for any and all video proof of workout completion. It is recommended that athletes record all workouts.

For workouts 1, 2, & 3, each athlete should have one continuous video each of their performing all three workouts. Different videos for each workout will not be accepted. Prior to the start, the athlete must announce their name. For the muscle-ups or pull-ups, the athlete must record from a side to a 45 degree angle. Videos taken with direct views from behind or in front will not be accepted. For workout 2, the camera should be repositioned, to showcase the rower screen for the full duration of the row, from 0 meters to 1000. For workout 3, the camera should then be repositioned to show the snatch from a mostly side angle. At the conclusion of the workout, the athlete should breakdown the barbell, and show clearly to the camera the weight of the barbell and plates to confirm the final successfully completed lift.