WZA Miami Individual Workouts
Each year WZA seeks to provide a competitive, fun, & memorable experience to athletes, which begins with the workouts.
From the Online Challenge to the Miami event, find all previous and current workouts below.
Assault Fitness Triplet

For Time | 12min Time cap | Complete the following, 3 rounds for time:

Ring Muscle-ups
Power Snatches
Calorie Bike


9 Ring Muscle-ups
12 Power Snatches (115, 80)
15 Calorie Bike

Rx, Master's 35-39, 40-44

9/7 Ring Muscle-ups
12 Power Snatches (115, 80) 
15 Calorie Bike

Intermediate, Y 16-18, Master's 45-49, 50+, 13-15

6/4 Ring Muscle-ups (Women 50+ - option for Jumping Ring Muscle-ups = +60min to total time)
12 Power Snatches (115, 80) 13-15- (75, 55)
15 Calorie Bike


9 Jumping Ring Muscle-ups
12 Power Snatches (75, 55)
15 Calorie Bike


On the call of "3-2-1, go" the workout begins with the athlete performing a movement on the rings, either muscle-ups or jumping ring muscle-ups. 

Upon completing all of the required repetitions, the athlete will proceed to the barbell to perform the required number of power snatches, which requires the athlete bring the barbell from the ground to overhead, in one swift motion. The third movement of the triplet, the athlete will finish the round with a calorie bike. 

The athlete will continue through this triplet for three consecutive rounds. Upon the completion of the third round, the athlete will cross the finish line, and time will be called.