WZA Miami Individual Workouts
Each year WZA seeks to provide a competitive, fun, & memorable experience to athletes, which begins with the workouts.
From the Online Challenge to the Miami event, find all previous and current workouts below.
WOD 1 - PowerDot 7K

All Divisions:  A 7 kilometer run.


This workout is part of a dual event, featuring both WOD 1 & WOD 2, the Wreck Bag Mile. 

Using chip timing software, athletes will run through a course out and around downtown Miami wearing a timing bib. Mid-way through the course, they will be faced with the start of WOD 2, which is a continuation of their current run. This however does not affect their WOD 1 score, which is the total time through the entire of the Powerdot 7k run.

This workout is simply scored as the fastest total time on  the run.