New Divisions

Out with the old, and in with the new... divisions! WZA Miami has heard your feedback and has made changes and additions in order to improve the competitive experience. 

New Divisions Featured Image

In addition to the aforementioned International Cup Wodapalooza will feature the following additions to the field. 

  • First, we've split up the Male & Female Master's 40-49 division to field two separate divisions: 
    • Introducing the Master's 40-44 & 45-49 divisions. More realistic age brackets means an all-around more competitive division!
  • Next, we've added a Male & Female Master's 35-39 division.
  • Finally, in order to create a more competitive, yet inclusive environment at WZA, we've added Adaptive Seated Scaled, Adaptive Seated Rx, Adaptive Standing Scaled, and Adaptive Standing Rx divisions.

We haven't just added divisions. We've also brought back our Open Registration format:

  • While participation in WZA Online Challenge will remain mandatory for those seeking to compete at WZA Miami, we've done away with the "Lottery" registration style. Instead of your selection to compete being randomly selected by Team WZA, anyone that is deemed eligible for registration in an "Open Registration" division, will have to beat the rest of the field to the punch, and sign up on the announced dates and times. We've kept the Online Challenge mandatory, in order to narrow the field of folks eligible for Open Registration, so only the truly committed teams and individuals can compete at WZA Miami.

Finally, and what we're arguably most excited for is our addition of Thursday's events (TBA):

  • While we cannot spill the beans just yet about what's to come, Thursday January 12th will feature three separate competitions, completely independent from Wodapalooza (on Friday the 13th through Sunday the 15th), and completely separate from each other. This means, athletes and spectators alike can jump in on some fun competitive athletic activity the day prior to Wodapalooza. Stand by for more!