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Each year WZA seeks to provide a competitive, fun, & memorable experience to athletes, which begins with the workouts. From the Online Challenge to the Miami event, find all previous and current workouts below.

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WZA 2016 - Indy Online Challenge - Week 1, WOD 1

All Divisions (except Youth 10-12 & 13-15): For Max Load: 6 Rep Max Bear Complex

Complete six unbroken reps of the following complex:

·       Clean (any style)
·       Front Squat (Squat Cleans are acceptable)
·       Shoulder to Overhead from the front rack (any style- including thruster-jerks)
·       Back Squat
·       Shoulder to Overhead from the back rack (any style)

The bar may not "rest" on the ground at any point over the course of the 6 reps. 

Tie breaker: Time it takes to complete the 6RM Bear Complex.

*Please use caution when performing this workout. A few extra pounds on your lift is not worth an injury.

Youth 10-12 & Youth 13-15- For Max Load: 6 Rep Max Thruster from the Floor

With the bar originating on the floor, complete six unbroken reps of a thruster.


·       One Barbell
·       Plates in pounds
·       Clips
·       Running clock for tiebreaker.

Individual Online Challenge: Week 1, WOD 1 Scorecard

Movement Standards & Details:

This workout begins with an athlete standing with a pre-loaded barbell and clips. When the athlete is ready, he or she will begin the set. Once the barbell leaves the ground, the set has begun. It may not rest on the ground from that moment forward, or the attempt is over.

Youth 10-12 & 13-15 will bring the barbell from the floor to the shoulders in one swift motion. They’ll then perform six consecutive thruster repetitions, which includes passing through a front squat, and in one continuous motion, locking out the hips, knees, shoulders, and elbows, with the barbell pressed out overhead. Thruster jerks are acceptable. The athlete may rest with the barbell overhead, or on their shoulders, but may not pause between the continuous motion from the front squat into the press.

For all other divisions, athletes may perform any variety of a bear complex, so long as it includes, moving the barbell from the ground to one’s shoulders, a front squat, a front rack shoulder to overhead, a back squat, and a back-rack shoulder to overhead.

The following are variations athletes may perform to accomplish one bear complex repetition:

·       Deadlift, hang power clean, front squat, shoulder to overhead
·       Deadlift, hang power clean, thruster
·       Deadlift, hang squat clean, shoulder to overhead
·       Deadlift, hang squat clean thruster
·       Power clean, thruster
·       Power clean, front squat, shoulder to overhead
·       Squat clean, shoulder to overhead
·       Squat clean thruster


·       A back squat, shoulder to overhead
·       A back rack thruster

After the final shoulder to overhead originating from the back-rack, athletes must tap the ground with the barbell before beginning their next rep of the complex.

·       Please note, all six reps of the bear complex must be performed unbroken.
·       If an athlete misses a repetition of a shoulder to overhead, but recovers without dropping the barbell, they may attempt again without restarting the complex.
·       Athletes may rest the barbell anywhere on their person, but not on the ground during their set
·       If an athlete does not complete all six repetitions of the bear complex, their max load to submit is 0 pounds.
·       Athletes may make as many attempts as they so please.

Video Submission:

At the conclusion of the Challenge, Team WZA has the right to request ask for any and all video proof of workout completion. It is recommended that athletes record all footage.

For workout 1, prior to beginning your attempt, please announce who you are, and show the weight of the bar as well as the all weight you will be using in your attempt. It is recommended, that you film yourself performing the workout from a side angle to capture the full movement standards. 

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