Challenge Overview

The WZA Online Challenge returns, with another opportunity to test your fitness against your friends and those from across the world.

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Please read over the following details thoroughly, as we’ve made some exciting changes, including the addition of the WZA International Championship, as well as a Master’s 35-39 division.

First, the online competition’s main purpose, is to unite the community and provide an opportunity for us to test our fitness on a worldwide stage! 

Secondly, its purpose is earn a spot to compete at the Wodapalooza Fitness Festival. Please note, aside from those athletes receiving invites, all athletes MUST compete in the WZA Online Challenge in order to earn a spot to compete at WZA Miami. 

Finally, it's for those seeking to win prizes each week for the top finishers of each qualifier division, on each workout, as well as to do what WZA does best: celebrate fitness and this incredible community.

The individual division qualifier will run for three weeks from Wednesday, September 21st, to Sunday, October 9th. 

WOD’s will be released each week on Wednesday at 8PM EST, and video and score submission will be due for the week’s WOD's on that Sunday, at 8PM EST. For a more detailed timeline, click here. 

The individual divisions up for grabs to compete in at WZA Miami:
  • Elite
  • Rx
  • Intermediate
  • Scaled
  • (New in 2016) Master’s 35-39
  • Master’s 40-44
  • Master’s 45-49
  • Master’s 50+
  • Youth 10-12
  • Youth 13-15
  • Youth 16-18
  • Adaptive Seated Rx
  • Adaptive Seated Scaled
  • Adaptive Standing Rx
  • Adaptive Standing Scaled
  • (New in 2016) International Cup Division

The team qualifier will occur following the individual qualifier, and will be exactly a week long, beginning Monday, October 24th to Wednesday, November 2nd. 

There will be multiple workouts, all of which will be released on Monday, October 24th. 

All scores will need to be submitted for all of the workouts by October 2nd, at 8PM EST. 

The team divisions up for grabs to compete in at WZA Miami are as follows:
  • Elite Team
  • Rx Team
  • Intermediate Team
  • Scaled Team

Each of the team divisions consist of teams of three athletes of the same gender.